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Coming Out of Our Tombs

The story of Lazarus in the Gospel of John is one of the most amazing. That's pretty impressive considering all the miraculous and spiritually rich teachings contained in that gospel, or any of the others. There's more to this story than the miraculous raising from the dead of a man who'd been buried four days.

Lazarus, come out! A call to come out of the tomb. This call is for us, too.<< MORE >>

Wholy Parts

Parts of a wholeWholy Parts. You read that right. Not, Holy Parts like you probably expected here at a website about living the solution that sincere spiritual and Christian beliefs espouses.

We are each individuals and, as such, a whole. But we are also part of something bigger. << MORE >>

For Us, With Us and Within Us

I am continually impressed on how what I would call the power of three weaves itself through our lives. In this particular post it is the realization (spurred by the insights of Franciscan priest/writer/speaker Richard Rohr, among others) that the One God as Three Persons relates to us in three special and intimate ways.<< MORE >>

Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reasons

There's a saying that some people live by - "do the next right thing." That's pretty good advice. It can keep you focused on what is important right now. Of course, you could get caught up in trying to decide what is the next right thing. But honestly, most of us know from our gut the difference between right and wrong.

So doing the right thing for the right reasons becomes the higher calling.<< MORE >>

Called to Teach

It was just a four years ago that I went back to school. At the age of 54 I made the decision to become a certified elementary school teacher. This was a pretty big change for me.

Although I’d been out of work before, this time was particularly challenging. I was older than many of the people in the unemployment line and I was competing for jobs that might pay enough for us to get by on. But I didn’t want another J-O-B. I’d been praying that God would direct me to an occupation where I could be useful and helpful, one that would utilize my talents, but also challenge me. After speaking with some other friends who’d gone into teaching as a second career I really began to sense this was my calling.<< MORE >>

A New Way to See

We depend so much on sight, but what do we really see? Do we see the reality of life? Or do we look, but only see what we want or expect?

Some people say seeing is believing. Turn that around and you get believing is seeing! There’s a difference – do you see it?<< MORE >>

A Shepherd's Tale

© by Tom Gilbert — livingthesolution.com, all rights reserved

(Note: I wrote this story several years ago and I've decided to re-post it this year. I hope you enjoy it)

The night was peaceful. The cool, dry air accentuated the blazing star-filled heavens. The only noise was the occasional soft baaing from the sheep.

Ishmael tossed and turned on his bedroll. He was restless, but didn't know why. He wondered if he should just get up and join his brother who was watching over the flock on the hillside.<< MORE >>

Food for All the Human Family - Pope Francis' Wave of Prayer

December 10 is a day that Pope Francis and others are calling a Wave of Prayer.

Sponsored by Caritas Internationalis organizations and supported by many others, including Catholic Relief Services, the day is going to be dedicated to prayer and action to end hunger. Helping others is a call of Jesus. It is central to the Gospel message.<< MORE >>

All Things Visible and Invisible

When you consider all the things you’ve seen, all the experiences you’ve had and all the things you’ve learned you may well be impressed. We live in an age where information is increasing exponentially. Knowledge is at our fingertips, easy to access for anyone with a computer, Internet connection and a willingness to spend time learning.

But of all the things each of us has seen, experienced and learned there is an incredible (infinite) amount of things not seen.

Some things are visible. Some are not. We call that which we cannot see invisible. << MORE >>

Veterans and Their Encounters with God

The powerful and often life changing experiences of veterans who've lived through the brutality of war can often not be effectively put into words. Many of these veterans have come through tough times with religious and spiritual experiences that have shaped their lives. They've encountered God in the midst of horror and tragedy.

Most veterans I've encountered are humble. They don't like to brag or even talk about their experiences. But they will if there is a good reason for that.<< MORE >>
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